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Recycling Fact Sheet
Australian households and businesses use millions of tonnes of paper every year. For facts and figures on paper and cardboard recycling in Australia, click here to download our fact sheet.
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You asked and we listened. As an online portal, SUEZ Connect is a central place for you to monitor your waste, pay bills, order services and a lot more.

Our Customers

SITA-Western Recycling is dedicated to providing customised services for the unique needs of every customer. In this section are some examples of customers for whom we have developed a cost-effective, tailored solution that meets their requirements perfectly.

Australian Government Departments have Common User Arrangements for management of it's facilities. This means that one supplier is contracted to provide a specific service for all of the organisation's facilities or customers, with an agreed service offering and price structure for all facilities. This arrangement works particularly well for schools, universities and Government departments. SITA-Western Recycling currently holds a contract with a major State Government department as it's preferred supplier for recycling and secure destruction services.

Larger printing companies often have unpredictable collection requirements. When their bins are full, they need to be emptied - and quickly! SITA-Western Recycling's ability to be flexible in order to meet customer requirements is essential for these printers, since it is not uncommon for their bins to need collection three times per day. Several large printers have rewarded SITA-Western Recycling for our dedication to customer service with fixed term contracts, which in many cases have been renewed as ongoing agreements.

Strategic partnerships with some of our competitors have been established in the area of document destruction. Our business partners know that they can count on us for service, reliability and flexibility. Our ability to respond to the needs of their customers, combined with effective communication at all levels, has seen the development of excellent working relationships with these companies. We expect that these partnerships will continue to improve into the future, as we find new ways of working together to ensure quality service for the end-users of our combined service offerings.